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Our products are designed and printed in Queensland, Australia. We proudly use shirts made by Earth Positive. A company leading the way in climate neutral clothing that is 100% organic and ethically produced. 

Organic Cotton + Ethically Traded + Carbon Neutral manufacturing = 100% Sustainable.

And there’s no need to stress about plastic packaging, you can be assured that your products will be delivered in an eco friendly manner. All prices include postage within Australia. 

All Khaki & Ocean artwork is hand drawn by Kel and inspired by our oceans.

The idea behind the Turtle drawing was to create something eye catching that would get people to look deeper and see the hidden words and animals that make up the bigger turtle. It’s all about “The more you look, the more you’ll see”. For every Turtle shirt sold, we will personally remove one kilogram of rubbish from our environment. 

The Octopus was inspired by one of my favorite reef creatures. I know we’re not supposed to have favorites, but this is my top pick, the intelligence and cheekiness of octopus have made them a favorite of mine for many years. In this artwork, I’ve drawn a smaller octopus inside the head of the larger one to represent their remarkable intelligence.

The Whale drawing was created after a conversation Leish and I had about a whale that had washed up dead on one of our local beaches. It had died from ingesting a huge amount of plastic and rubbish. So, with the whale at the center, the blue colours of the mosaic below represent the water and the mixed oranges and reds above represent both sunrise and sunset. 

The ink-redible style of our Octopus shirt, the turtley awesome Turtle or whaley wonderful Whale designs will have you getting compliments left, right and center. Wear your shirt with pride, knowing you are supporting cleaner oceans and creating awareness for environmental conservation.

Our Slim Fit range of shirts are a regular fit with a crew neck. Check out the size chart for your best fit.

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