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Why Wear Organic?

When it comes to shopping there is a lot on the market. But if we start to compare the price, to the quality, to how the people making the clothes are treated, where the material has come from, how it has been produced, the effects of the environment and everything else. Wow. There is a lot to consider.

Organic material is a great start to wearing clothing that is not going to cost the earth.
Being organic means that fibers are natural and when they end up in the ocean, through your gray water, they will not cause harm to the critters that may ingest them.
Being organic means that less fuel and water is used for the growth of the crops.
Being organic means no harmful chemicals have been used.
Being organic means there is less of a carbon footprint contributing to climate change.
Being organic means feeling good about your purchases, knowing that you have made step in the right direction and you’re wearing change.

If you’re here reading this, then you have taken a step in the right direction. You are looking at options for clothing that is not going to fall apart after a few washes or has not been made by a 14 year old who should be in school. So good on you!

We have searched high and low for brands/ suppliers to connect with that are doing their part for the planet.
Our mission is to have only a positive impact on the world, including its people and the environment.